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We believe that everyone has the right to a great holiday so we have tried our hardest to make investing in holiday accommodation effortless, affordable and accessible. We have many resorts in our portfolio for you to choose from so have a look around and take the plunge!
You deserve the holiday of your choice, in the best resorts with a reputable and credible stock exchange listed company. We offer in-house financing options and our specialist consultants are available to meet with you at your convenience, to explain the benefits and opportunities of investing in your lifetime of holidays with us.

Why choose to invest?

What does this mean to you as our valued member?

  • Guaranteed holidays for life.
  • International Travel.
  • Choices to suit your lifestyle and times that fit your schedule.
  • You are guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime that you own for the rest of your life.
  • You can exchange your holiday destination worldwide through various exchange partners.
  • Annual audited accounts are made readily available to all members.
  • Guaranteed choices to suit your lifestyle.

Who should invest?

Becoming a member of Gooderson Vacation Club, is not an investment in property; it is an investment in “holidays for life”.

  • Anyone who has a family and knows the cost of going on holiday, especially those who have children.
  • The knowledge that their investment will be passed on for others to enjoy.
  • Companies, to use as incentives for performance driven employees, or simply to get out of the rat race.
  • The world is your oyster. Get to holiday in South Africa and worldwide.

Where? Anywhere & everywhere worldwide

Beach, bush, berg, health resorts, golf & sports resorts, Disney and the America’s, Europe. It’s endless…. Gooderson Vacation Club has various opportunities for you to choose from.
Remember you are able to visit any of our properties. As a Gooderson Vacation Club Member you will also get exchanges through our preferred exchange companies, where you can exchange locally and internationally.

Benefits of being a member

  • Accumulated point for up to 3 years
  • Ability to borrow 25% from next years points
  • Can purchase points at any time
  • Bonus weeks
  • 15% discount on accommodation at any Gooderson Hotel
  • 200+ local resorts via the preferred exchange companies
  • 4000+ international resorts via the preferred exchange companies

COVID19 Notice

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