What is Timeshare?

Timeshare is a form of shared property ownership mainly within the vacation and condominium industry whereby many owners buy ‘time allotments’ in holiday property throughout the year. The price of the ‘time allotment’ or ‘timeshare’ depends on certain factors.

Benefits of Gooderson Timeshare

Financial Logic – Holidays are one of the most expensive hobbies. An average couple or family will spend over millions of rand on holidays in their life. See the below benefits:

  • You will own your holidays, invest in yourself and your children instead of renting your holidays and paying off someone else’s bond.
  • Pay only a fraction of what it would have cost you in a lifetime.
  • Inflation FREE
  • Currency FREE. Timeshare system is based on a fair exchange system.
  • You can share your holidays with anyone you choose to.
  • Give away your holidays, for example give a honeymoon holiday as a wedding present to loved ones.
  • Rent out your holidays. For example if your do not use your holiday you can rent it out, or let us rent it out for you.
  • It stays in your will i.e. it goes to your heirs as it is an asset. Whomever you will it to shall never pay for a holiday.
  • It is for LIFE, for EVER.
  • It can be made affordable to you, to suit your income and budget.
  • The system is totally transparent. You partake in yearly corporation audits.

Other Costs

Besides the payment of your investment there are annual levy’s which must be paid. These levies are cover the operating expenses such as electricity, maintenance…etc. Once you have paid off your full investment the only annual payment will be this small levy.

Annual Audits

You will be invited to annual general meeting whereby you and all members are allowed to give input as to what you feel needs to be changed, or amended or any fees you want raised or altered.

Timeshare Exchange Companies

Gooderson is affiliated with most exchange organisations giving you holiday’s access in over 4000 resorts globally!

When you would like to exchange your holiday for an international destination you only pay a small exchange fee.

Who should invest in Gooderson Timeshare?

  • Anyone who wants to experience to quality holidays.
  • Globe trotters.
  • Those who like to have great family moments and build a stronger family bond with their loved ones.
  • Sports enthusiasts who love the outdoor life, top class golfing, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anyone who enjoys being pampered in calm relaxation of spa treatments.

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